Original pop music from Louisville, Kentucky, United States.

For all inquiries contact:
thedeloreansmusic [at] gmail [dot] com

· Our latest video (May, 2014) As Long As It's Here is above.

· Our latest single (March, 2014) As Long As It's You is here.
Buy the vinyl here.

· Stream or buy digital copies of our music at our Bandcamp page here.

· We've two LPs: Love Outrageous (2009) and American Craze (2011).
Both albums, vinyl or cd, can be purchased here.

· We've two 7-inch singles: Buffalo/Starfish (2011) and
As Long As It's You/As long As It's Here (2014).
Both singles can be purchased here.

· All of the above music can also be purchased via iTunes here.

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